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2014 Election Issues

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The financial crisis of 2008 was exacerbated by a captive Congress, a captive SEC and Wall Street's self-regulatory organization, FINRA.

A lack of transparency of the underlying issues is threatening our democracy and the sustainability of the US economy.

Bill Moyers wrote at
Salon recently, "We are Close to losing our democracy".  He warned about the "devastating impact of dark money and voter suppression".

He quoted social critic, George Monbiot,

"So I don’t blame people for giving up on politics... When a state-corporate nexus of power has bypassed democracy and made a mockery of the voting process, when an unreformed political system ensures that parties can be bought and sold, when politicians [of the main parties] stand and watch as public services are divvied up by a grubby cabal of privateers, what is left of this system that inspires us to participate?"

A Bit of History - Nothing has Change - The Derivative Project wrote:

July 24, 2010 Why Our Democracy is Threatened (See tab Blog Archives and scroll to 7/24/10)

September 15, 2010:  More Today on Why Our Democracy is Threatened

Since 2010, things have gotten worse.  Citizen's United passed.  Wall Street continued its looting of America for their personal gain, as the Libor and Foreign Exchange manipulation cases have revealed.  Large scale frauds continued from MF Global to Perergrine.

The Votes by Every American Can End the Regulatory Capture

With transparency of the issues, voters can engage.

The fraud is rampant and threatening our capital markets.  Confidence is gone.  Financial advisors should and cannot be trusted.  The regulators favor them over the individual retirement investors' life savings.

The Derivative Project will once again post election issues that impact the life savings of every American.  We will post the questions and the issues on which to quiz your Congressional Candidates.  

One must begin to hold those responsible, accountable and know their stance on several key issues, so when November comes, it is clear where to cast a vote.

Why is it most critical?  There is a retirement crisis and Wall Street may soon be taking 10% of your income directly from your paycheck.  Where will it go?  Over 1/3 to 1/2 of it will go directly to Wall Street if Congress and the Department of Labor do not take the steps to eliminate the causes of the financial crisis.

Here are the first two topics for you to begin to prep your Congressional candidates on:

  • Ban FINRA, Wall Street's self-regulatory organization and mandatory arbitration for all securities complaints.
  • Insure the IRS, SEC and Congress change the rules and allow a "private right of action" in an IRA/SEP-IRA.

"...Don’t depend on our leaders to do what needs to be done. Because whenever the government has done anything to bring about change, it’s done so only because it’s been pushed and prodded by social movements, by ordinary people organizing..."

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